"Cruising America's Great Loop will convince
you - some places in this world are best seen
by boat."
America's Great Loop in pictures - compliments of Capt. John
- Capt. John
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Capt. John says; the
only Pirates he has ever
seen cruising the Great
Loop have been less
than 4 feet tall &
carrying bags of candy.
Cruising through Canada on America's Great Loop  
is nothing short of  World Class cruising!
Anchoring out is FREE. . .
and will save you a real bundle
vs paying for dock space at a Marina
Kentucky Lake - the Heartland of America
The Salt grass along the Atlantic ICW in North Carolina.
Entering the historic & famous Erie Canal
Cruising up the Hudson River
This Homeowner paid Million$  - just to watch you cruise by. So be sure you smile & wave
when you cruise by. . .
Cruising Canada
Cruising the beautiful Waccamaw River
The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island
Cruising America's Great Loop is proof positive that most places in this world are best seen
from the water.
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