"Cruising America's Great Loop will
convince you - some places in this world
are best seen by boat."
America's Great Loop in pictures - compliments of Capt. John
- Capt. John
Capt John - cruising the ICW
Capt John - Cruising Canada
Capt John on the Hudson river
Capt John cruising Canada's North Bay
Capt. John cruising the Cumberland River
Capt John on the Mississippi river
Capt John crusing Barkley lake in Fall
Capt John cruising through downtown Chicago
Cruising past the Statue of Liberty
On the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway or ICW
Entering Downtown Chicago
Cruising the Cumberland
Chesapeake Bay
On the Tennessee River
Atlantic ICW
St. Louis Arch on the Mississippi RIver
At anchor just off the Atlantic ICW
Atlantic ICW
Locks & Lift Bridge
Atlantic ICW
At anchor off Atlantic ICW
On the Hudson River at Tappan Zee
Cruising Canada
North Bay Canada
Cruising the Cumberland
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The Atlantic ICW is the
"Route 66"
for Great Loopers.
It takes you
from Florida
to New York's
Hudson River
and it is
to get lost
along the way
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