Great Loop - Best Book on how to cruise the Great Loop
AMAZING (most popular) Great Loop Links:   - This is the website that started them all.
Published in Jan, 1993, this is Capt. John's original "Great Loop"
website which is now the most popular & Award winning Great
Loop website on the Internet with over 4.25 million visitors.  
Highly recommended!

Capt. John - Wikipedia  -  If you care to learn more about Capt.
John this is the place.  His background, history and information
about his active Lobbying efforts for keeping the Great Loop
open in the threat of Asian Carp reaching the Great Lakes.  
Recommended!  - Capt. John says "cruising the Great Loop
is a fantastic training course for cruising the Caribbean."   This
site includes "frugal voyaging tips" and lots of information on
extending your Great Loop voyage deep into the Caribbean.
Great pictures. Highly recommended!   - Lots to learn & lots of great pictures. This
site is all about America's Great Loop as well - from a 3rd party
point of view. It is truly a voyage of discover and possibly, the
most important thing you will discover you will make on this
voyage - is yourself. Recommended!  - A great introduction to cruising the Great
Loop website. Great pictures! - An more in depth look at all the aspects of
cruising America's Great Loop. Contains lots of pictures and
details on the most popular routes. Lots of pictures!
"No boat should be 1' smaller than your
comfort requires, nor 1' larger than your
safety demands."
- Capt. John
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"Once Around Is Not Enough"
by Capt. John
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