At Anchor Publishing, we understand our sales are only as good as our authors. This
website is tribute to Capt. John, our 2016 BEST SELLING Author in the Nautical
Market, in recognition of
"Once Around Is Not Enough" the 2016 Book of the year
and 2016 #1 Best Selling Book in this niche market.
Be there no doubt Capt. John practices what he preaches. What he won't tell you
himself is that his royalties from the sale of his books go to charity. So when you
meet him on the Great Loop, rest assured he will most likely be the one in the most
humble of boat.
Capt. John's Biography
"Life is God's gift. Don't forget to unwrap
About Capt. John by Anchor Publishing
John C. Wright grew up on a small farm in Terrell,
Texas. He attended Terrell High School, Dallas
Baptist College before serving as an Officer and
Helicopter Pilot is the U.S.Army during Vietnam.
He later earned his B.A. Degree from East Texas
State and later attended Harvard University in
Capt. John retired in 1991 after 20 years as a
Senior Executive with a Fortune 500 Company.   
Great Loop experience:
Capt. John's first voyage around America's Great Loop was completed in 1971 after
serving in the U.S. Army. This was before any books, blogs or websites existed. It was
even before GPS, Laptops & Cellphones!
To date, Capt. John has been around the Loop a total of eight times, in six different
boats. He recently celebrated his 70th birthday on his 8th voyage around the Loop, and
he's looking to make it ten. After that he says: "I will drop my anchor permanently
somewhere along the way."
Aside from his "World Best Website" Award and his personal accomplishments; Capt.
John has been recognized as the most influential writer in this niche nonfiction sector of
the Nautical Market. His 3rd Best Seller,
"Once Around Is Not Enough" hit the #1 spot
just 90 days after publication. It is not only his personal Best Seller, it earned him the title
"2016 Author of the Year" and Most Influential Author of the decade in this genre.
- Capt. John
His passion for America's Great Loop goes far beyond that of living aboard and cruising
it. He is an active Lobbyist for keeping the Great Loop passage open for recreational
boaters regarding the existing threat of Asian Carp entering the Great Lakes.
 You can read more about this at the following link:
  "He was not at all what I expected." reports Gretchen Blanchard our Author Relations Executive. "He looks much
closer to 55 than 70, and he is not the rough looking bearded crusty old salt I had envisioned. He is far from the image
I had of someone that permanently lives on a boat."
"I took an immediate liking to Capt. John. Weary however of how my first impressions have at times, failed me in the
past. Having spent an entire day with him
, he proved easier to like than to describe. He was very confident in his ways
yet remained very laid back, respectful and friendly throughout our interview. He has a look of contentment on his
face which left no doubt he is at home on his boat and happy with his lifestyle. He is a very sincere man and there is
nothing pretentious about him. He and his boat are a perfect match. Their strength is in their character and integrity.
Neither is new or flashy. Both as humble as apple pie though be it, one that exudes of quality ingredients. While his
boat does not, the Mont Blanc pen in his shirt pocket and the Rolex on his wrist lets you know Capt. John has lead a
successful life."
 "When I left Capt. John at the Marina, my thoughts turned to how nice it would be to take him home with me, to  
introduce him to my very favorite widowed Grandmother. Yes he is just that kind of a soft spoken man."

 "With regards to his book
Once Around Is Not Enough, all of us at Anchor Publishing were astonished at its success.
This is a very small market and one that is difficult to penetrate. Writing a nonfiction book in such a small niche
market historically seldom obtains even a small amount of success. While it is one thing to write fiction, when one
writes for the purpose of sharing advice from life experiences, it is an exceptionally difficult task. There is a very fine
line between coming across as being smart and that of being a smart ass. The later of course sends most manuscripts
immediately to the 'Round File', otherwise known as the trash can."
 "The noticeable aspect to Capt. John's
Once Around Is Not Enough is that it reaches out to help others come along as
an equal. It never reaches down to help anyone up."
 "One can say what they will about Capt. John, but I feel his success comes from taking the 'panache' out of boating
yachting and replacing it with practical boating. His book never even whispers a hint of 'look at me and see how far
I've come'. Instead it shouts 'come with me and see how far you can go'. Not too many writers giving advice based on
their experience can pull that off as well as Capt. John. He does it with sincere perfection."
 "It's a gift. It comes naturally with Capt. John. It is as much his nature to help others as it is to ask for help. His
book is as motivational as it is informative. Still however, I believe his success it due to the fact he has so much
experience cruising the Great Loop in an effort to make it more fun and affordable for himself. Then he shared that
experience with all the available options with others.  
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2016 Best Selling Book on cruising the Great Loop
Capt. John - Our 2016 AUTHOR of the YEAR
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Gretchen Blanchard
What Anchor Publishing's Author Relations Executive
Gretchen Blanchard has to say about meeting Capt. John:
Capt John C Wright, 2016 Author of the Year
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