Often great things and great ideas start small and become big.  In Capt.
John's case, things have become amazingly huge.  It all started when he took
exception to the popular myth that cruising America's Great Loop was only
affordable by the rich.
  "The straw that broke my camel's back," said Capt. John, "was reading an article
written by a man that just completed cruising America's Great Loop. It was obvious
to me, this was a 'look at me and see what I have done' article."
  "It was extremely vain. The author was as self serving as they come as he tried to
disguise his bragging about spending $350,000 for his boat, $45,000 in fuel while
making it appear as if he was complaining. He even went on to say he spent $28,000
eating out and another $20,000 on liquor in Tiki Bars for he and his wife along the
  "My problem was I've heard those 'how much it cost' cruising stories all my life.
Since I had done it, I knew how much it cost - and how much it didn't have to cost.
The goal in my first book was to dispel the myth that cruising the Loop is a safe,
easy, attainable and affordable adventure that can be successfully completed even on
a very frugal budget."
Our hats off to Capt. John. He obviously found a void in the market and
filled it.
  John C. Wright is best known in the trades as "Capt. John. Some call Capt.
John "the Frugal Voyager". Beyond doubt the impact Capt. John has made on
those dreaming and planning to sail off into the sunset, or cruise America's Great
Loop is well documented. In the past eight years he has become the biggest
seller and most influential author in the Nautical Market.
  What makes his books such big sellers? We think it is his Attitude!
Capt. John takes the 'panache' out of 'yachting' and makes it very attainable,
affordable and 'practical'. His boating philosophy of "more fun than fuel" has
totally destroyed the myth that long distance voyaging is only for the rich &
famous. As he puts it: "This is not about showing the world how far you've
come in life. It is about discovering for yourself how far you can go. Anyone on
a frugal budget can live this dream."
"The secret to cruising the Great Loop on a
frugal budget, is NOT to show the world how
far you've come, but to discover yourself, how
far you can go."
"Once Around Is Not Enough" by Capt. John
- Capt. John
     "I've made this voyage 8 times in 6 different boats. In 2009 my oldest son
and I cruised the Great Loop together with the goal of determining 'just how
cheap' it could be done. We made this trip in a 28' sailboat 'motored around'
at a total fuel & boat related cost of $6,300."
  "My last two voyages were in a 36' sailboat 'motored around' and both
voyages averaged pennies shy of $22.00 a day. Obviously, any safe boater in
a safe boat can make this voyage on a very frugal budget.  
My costs of cruising around America's Great Loop
"Once Around Is Not Enough" is
the perfect Great Loop book for
Novice Boaters.
It may seem like a difficult choice and
there is no need to by both. "Once
Around Is Not Enough" comes with a
"Loopers Dictionary" and is written
with the Novice Boater in mind. It is
easy to understand and a joy to read. It
also assumes know almost nothing
about cruising long distance in
unknown and unfamiliar waters.
"America's Great Loop & Beyond"
is the perfect Great Loop book for
the most Experienced Boaters.
It has been on our Best Selling list for
3 years in a row. It is written with the
more Experienced Boater in mind. It
assumes you are already a safe boater
in a safe suitable boat and know how
to handle lakes, rivers and tidal waters.
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For those dreaming, thinking of, or planning to cruise the Caribbean, Capt. John
provides you his "Island Hopping" route to minimize your night hours on the open
sea and maximize your safe anchorages and stops cruising through Paradise. It is
packed with necessary information for cruising the Caribbean.  
"Once Around Is Not Enough" is 2016 #1 BEST SELLER
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