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Salute to:
"Once Around Is Not Enough"
by Capt. John
"Once Around Is Not Enough"
by Capt. John
      It takes a lot of experience and insight to write a book such as this. After two
BEST SELLERS in the Nautical Market, Capt. John pulled out all the stops on this
Once Around Is Not Enough is as close as anyone can get to writing a complete  
'textbook' for cruising America's Great Loop.
      Throughly and clearly,
Once Around Is Not Enough gets straight to the point
covering all the fundamental necessary skills, routes, boat and equipment options for
cruising the Great Loop safely and comfortably. Capt. John's passion for Looping is
obvious. He goes far beyond the basics to give his readers the cruising advantage that
comes with years of experience; and Capt. John has 24 years experience living
aboard and cruising the Loop.
      Once Around Is Not Enough provides a wealth of information including answers
to the TOP 120 most frequently asked questions submitted from a pool of over 4
million website readers. It contains over 100 valuable cruising tips and money saving
suggestions to make the voyage around America's Great Loop the safest, most
comfortable, affordable and enjoyable experience that it is meant to be. It is all
presented in a way that is uniquely interesting and easily readable for even the most
novice of boater.
      Everything in his book is useful. Capt. John shares his experience in a most
humble and easy to understand way. From the Gulf & Atlantic Intracoastal
Waterways to the Inland Rivers, from the Docks to the Locks and from cruising
comfortably to cruising legal, Capt. John prepares his readers for cruising the Great
Loop like no one else can or ever has.
2016 BOOK of the YEAR
Anchor Publishing salutes:  "Once Around Is Not Enough"  by Capt. John
2016 BOOK of the YEAR in the Nautical Market
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2016 AUTHOR of the YEAR
VOTED: 2016 Most influential Author in the Nautical Market
James A. Peoples, Chief Executive Editor
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Jim Peoples
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      "Once Around Is Not Enough" is Capt. John's 6th book and 3rd BEST SELLER
in this 'niche' non fiction genre of the Nautical Market.
His 1st Best Seller
"America's Great Loop & Beyond" was the first book in his popular "BYOB - Bring
Your Own Boat" Series which included "Caribbean Island Hopping" his 2nd Best
       In January 2016 we published "Once Around Is Not Enough" and it made the
BEST SELLER LIST in April, and by December out sold every book in the Nautical
Market combined.
       Obviously, Capt. John's experience and passion for promoting the most
affordable options of living aboard comfortably and cruising
on a more affordable
boat and budget is catching on.     
2016 BOOK of the YEAR America's Great Loop